1. Terms of Use

Object and acceptance

These Terms of Use (hereafter “ToU”) govern access to the www.valjob.ch internet website (hereafter “Website”) managed by Groupe Valjob, Route de Bugnon 28 – 1752 Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland (hereafter “Valjob” or “we”), as well as its use.

Valjob specialises in the placement of personnel and the provision of services and possesses all the authorisations necessary to execute these activities.

Through its Website, Valjob provides you with an online internet service that publishes temporary job offers for its user companies and employment requests of candidates. The Website enables candidates to define their individual profile which can, if they wish, contain personal information and which can, with their agreement, be distributed all or in part to the user company.

The information that you publish on the Website, and of which you are at the origin, is done so under your sole responsibility. Valjob may also publish advertising provided by announcers on the Website.

The use of the Website is free of charge for the candidates and user companies that employ these services.

These ToU are deemed to be accepted when the user accesses the Website. The user expressly accepts these ToU by ticking the box provided for this purpose when signing up as an employing company or as an candidate. The provisions of these ToU do not only apply to the use of the Website, but are an integral part of any contractual relationship with Valjob.

Website use and access

You acknowledge and voluntarily and expressly accept that the use of the Website is performed under your sole and exclusive responsibility.

The services are accessible, on condition of the restrictions provided for on the Website:

  • To any physical person who disposes of the full legal capacity to commit to these ToU. A physical person who does not dispose of the full legal capacity may only access the Website and the services with the agreement of their legal representative.

  • To any legal person acting via the intermediary of a physical person disposing of the legal capacity to contract in the name of and on behalf of the legal person.

The user is informed and accepts that the information entered when registering is exact and up to date and that it is valid proof of identity. By this fact, providing incorrect, incomplete or expired information will entail by full rights a refusal to access the services by Valjob and will nullify the user’s registration.

Access to the account is protected by a username and a password chosen by the user when registering. The user is then responsible for the use made of their account, which they undertake to use personally. Should the account be used by a third party, Valjob cannot be held liable for the actions of the said third party and full responsibility is incumbent on the user.

The user shall provide exact information, which they undertake to immediately update in case of modification. In case of the breach of these ToU, Valjob reserves the right to suspend the use of services and access to the Website by the user without prior notification. The user may then contest this decision by email sent to contact@valjob.com, the decision remaining at the entire discretion of Valjob.

When using the Website, you undertake to refrain from any act that may harm our image, our interests or our rights as well as any act that may damage, render unusable or overload the Website, or prevent, in any manner whatsoever, the normal use of the Website by other users. Valjob reserves the right at any time and at its sole discretion to refuse access to a user of the Website, notably if the reputation of Valjob is threatened.

We implement reasonable and appropriate security measures to detect the presence of viruses. Nevertheless, we draw your attention to the fact that the existing security measures intended to protect computer systems on the internet are not entirely reliable and that we are therefore not able to guarantee the absence of viruses or any other element that may cause alterations to your computer systems (hardware and software) or to the data and files that they contain.

 Provisions relating to candidates

Any user who registers on the Website as an candidate is personally responsible for obtaining the documents and necessary authorisation to work in Switzerland. By accepting an assignment, the candidate also confirms that they possess a Swiss passport, a C settlement permit or a valid work permit at the time of the assignment. If Valjob observes that, contrary to the indications supplied, the above conditions are not fulfilled, it will immediately exclude the candidate and shall inform the competent authorities. Any change, including the withdrawal or non-extension of the work permit, must be communicated immediately to Valjob. If the employee fails in this duty of information or is present at work without a valid work permit, Valjob reserves the right to make a claim for damages resulting from the breach of these provisions.

 Provisions relating to user companies

Any user who registers as an employing company on the Website must have its head office in Switzerland. The company shall also undertake to observe and comply with all the collective labour agreements applicable to its business. The company is required to comply with all the provisions of labour legislation, the provisions of the law regarding the protection of data and the laws applicable to its business, and guarantees that it has all the necessary permissions for the exercise of its activity.

The companies using Valjob services that create a user account and thus dispose of a password may allow several persons belonging to the company to use their account and password.

However, Valjob cannot be held responsible for any multiple use that may be made of this account and the password by several persons belonging to the user company. It is the responsibility of the user company to maintain the confidentiality of the account and the password.

When opening the user account, the user company must designate “a referent person” who will be responsible for the use of the account and the password.

Should the user company and/or the referent person allow several persons belonging to the company to use its account and its password, the user company and/or the referent person shall be solely responsible for the use made by these persons of the account and the password.

In any case, it is forbidden for the user company to share, even temporarily, the user account and its password and any other parameter(s) of access with third parties. To this effect, you shall undertake to inform Valjob, without delay, of any unauthorised use of your account and/or password.

If you terminate your user account or one or several offers of employment, you acknowledge and agree that all your information associated with your user account or with one or several offers of employment, including the registered profiles, network contacts and email lists will be deleted from the Valjob database. The processing time required for the request for deletion may nevertheless leave data to remain for a certain amount of time.

User companies are solely responsible for the employment offers they publish on the Website.

Valjob may in no case be assimilated to a recruiter, an employer or a representative of the latter with respect to the offers of employment published on the Website by a user company and its use of Valjob services before the signing of the Labour Supply Contract by the user company. Therefore, Valjob has no performance obligation with respect to the response that may be given to your offers of employment.

An offer shall in no case contain:

  • Hypertext links, other than those expressly authorised by Valjob;

  • “Hidden” keywords that may mislead or be illegible, repetitive keywords or keywords that bear no relationship to the offer of employment published;

  • The names, logos or trademarks of companies other than yours or those authorised by Valjob;

  • The names of schools or institutions, cities, departments, regions or countries that bear no link with the offer;

  • More than one offer or description, more than one location, or more than one category, unless the product allows it;

  • Incorrect, false or erroneous data;

  • Elements or links to elements of a sexual, violent or abusive nature or which solicit personal data from persons under the age of 16.

It is prohibited to use Valjob services to:

  • Publish offers of employment that do not comply with the laws and regulations in force in the country of publication of the offer or in any other country, notably concerning labour law, equal opportunities and the qualifications related to employment, the protection of information, access to and the use of personal data as well as intellectual property;

  • Publish offers of employment requiring a particular nationality or permanent residence in a country as a condition of employment, unless such a condition is required by the law or regulations in force;

  • Publish “discriminatory” offers of employment and/or those that impose controls or specific criteria for access to the employment that are not are legally required;

  • Publish offers of employment and other advertisements on behalf of competitors of Valjob or publish offers or other content that contain links to sites in competition with Valjob;

  • Sell, value or advertise products or services;

  • Promote opportunities which are not serious offers of employment;

  • Publish advertisements for sexual services or seeking personnel for activities of a sexual nature;

  • Solicit or promote the trade of the human body or organs, notably including the services of assisted fertilisation, such as for a “surrogate mother” or egg donation;

  • Promote a party, a programme, a position or a political topic;

  • Promote a religion;

  • Publish offers of employment requiring candidates to provide data relating to their ethnic or racial background, political beliefs, philosophical or religious beliefs, membership in a trade union, their physical or mental health, their sexual orientation, their judicial history (unless this is authorised by law), or their age.

Valjob reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to delete any offer of employment and/or content published on the Website which is non-compliant with the ToU or whose content may harm Valjob or users of Valjob.

For the establishment of the labour supply contract, the offer of employment published by the user company by electronic means must specify:

  • The date of the beginning of the assignment and its end date or minimum duration;

  • The specific characteristics of the position to be filled, and whether the position figures on the list of jobs involving risk;

  • The professional qualification required, as well as the nature of the personal protective equipment that the temporary personnel will use (their provision being, unless provided for by collective agreement, under the responsibility of the user company, which must also ensure their proper use);

  • The place of work;

  • The factor(s) of arduous work to which the temporary personnel will be exposed during their assignment.


We do everything we can to ensure that the Website is of the best possible quality and reasonably up to date. However, we do not provide any guarantee regarding the usefulness, accuracy, completeness and relevance of the content of the Website and do not guarantee that its content is up to date. Any responsibility for errors or omissions regarding the Website and its content is expressly excluded. Valjob and the companies of Groupe Valjob expressly disclaim any responsibility for the decisions taken by the user on the basis of the content of the site.

 Intellectual Property Rights

The entire content of the Website is either the property of Valjob or is obtained under licence from a third party. All the audio and video content of the Website (images, photographs, illustrations, texts, video clips and other elements) is protected worldwide by the legislation on copyrights, designs, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. You agree to comply at all times with all the intellectual property rights inherent to the Website and its content and not to extract, reproduce, transform or distribute such content.


Our site may contain links to other internet sites managed by third parties that are not related to Valjob. The fact of including links to third-party sites shall in no case imply that we assume responsibility for the content of such sites. We have not verified all the sites linked to the Website and cannot be held responsible for the content or the accuracy of any external page or any other site linked to our Website. The act of following a link to an external page or third-party site is performed at your own risk and peril.

Personal data

The collection and use of your personal information is governed by our privacy policy, which is an integral part of these ToU.

 Absence of Guarantees, Limitation of Liability

We do not provide any guarantee regarding the precision, completeness, accuracy and reliability of this Website and we are not able to guarantee that its use does not infringe the rights of any third party. We do not guarantee nor claim that the functional aspects of the Website and its content will be free of errors or that the servers that ensure their availability will not contain viruses or other harmful elements. The use of the Website or its content is at your own risk and peril. They are made available to you “as is” and according to availability, without guarantee of any kind.

Within the limits of the applicable legal provisions, we disclaim any responsibility for any damage or loss caused by your use of the Website and its content, or in connection with such use, whether such damages or losses are direct, indirect, consequential or other.

 Amendments to these Terms of Use

Any modification of these Terms of Use will be posted on this page.

 Applicable law and jurisdiction

These ToU are governed by Swiss law. For any dispute resulting from your use of the Website or in connection with such use, you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Fribourg, Switzerland.

2. Privacy policy

Groupe Valjob, Route de Bugnon 28 – 1752 Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland (hereafter “Valjob” or “we”) attaches particular importance to the protection of the personal data of the visitors to its Website and undertakes in this regard to preserve the privacy of the data collected. This privacy policy describes the kind of personal data that we collect as well as the modalities of treatment of this data.

 Personal data that we may collect

  • We may collect information about your visits to our Website, notably including data on traffic, the location, the content of the surveys and contact forms and other communication data and resources to which you have access. For example, this information will facilitate your future visits to the Website to the extent that it enables us to suggest content or services according to the place from which you access the Website.

  • If you contact us, we may keep a copy of this correspondence.

  • We also collect information in aggregated form concerning all the users of the Website. This enables us to acquire a better understanding of the users of the Website as a group without containing information that enables you to be personally identified.

  • We may also use the information for direct marketing activities via email, messaging and telephone. However, you have the possibility at any time to refuse to receive our future marketing communications.

  • We may also save cookies as defined more precisely below.

 Use of personal data

We collect and process personal data for the following purposes:

  • To personalise the content and the services according to your preferences.

  • To keep you informed by email, telephone and/or by post about our services.

  • To provide you with additional services, such as newsletters or information on upcoming events, that we may offer you.

  • To enable us to create, publish and improve the content and the services that are most important to you.

  • To ensure that the content and the services provided via the Website are presented in the most effective manner for you and for your electronic devices.

  • To enable you to participate in interactive demonstrations if you wish.

  • To develop and improve our Website, its content, our services and our systems.

Sharing with third parties

In order to provide the Website, the content and the services available on the Website, it may sometimes be necessary to disclose your personal data to third parties:

  • To suppliers, service providers and agents: occasionally, we may engage or mandate other companies or persons to provide content and to perform services on our behalf. This includes, for example, the hosting of the content of the Website and the provision of some elements contained on the Website (for example, the map that shows the locations of our branches).

  • To other entities belonging to Groupe Valjob, including their suppliers, their service providers and their agents, who may be involved in the provision of the Website or its content.

  • To administrative and criminal authorities if we believe, at our sole discretion, that such an obligation is incumbent upon us.

IP addresses and cookies

We may collect information concerning your computer, including your IP address, your operating system and browser type, for the purposes of system administration and to communicate this information in aggregate form to our advertisers. This only concerns statistical data regarding the browsing activity and trends of our users and does not enable your identification as a person.

For the same reason, we may obtain information about your general use of the internet by using cookies, which are files that are stored on your computer. Cookies allow us to improve the Website and provide you with personalised service.

You can refuse cookies by activating the corresponding setting on your browser, which enables you to refuse the storage of cookies. This will delete all the details of the cookies. However, if you select this option, you will no longer be able to access certain parts of our Website or use certain functions. Unless you have set your browser to refuse cookies, our systems will issue cookies each time you access the Website. Please note that our third-party advertisers and suppliers of content may also use cookies which are beyond our control. Therefore, we recommend that you check the internet sites of such third parties as well as their respective privacy policies to obtain more information about their cookies and their management.

If you share your computer with other people, we recommend that you do not select the “remember me” option when a service offers such an option to save the information you have entered.

 Place of storage and the processing of personal data

The personal data we collect may be stored and processed by us and by the third parties mentioned above outside of the Swiss borders, including in countries whose legislation regarding data protection may not provide protection equivalent to that of Swiss law. By transmitting your personal data, you consent to any such transfer, as well as its storage and treatment outside of Switzerland.

Data security

Although we strive to protect your data, the transmission of information on the internet is not completely secure and we are not able to guarantee the security of your personal data transmitted to the Website or to third parties; any transmission of data takes place exclusively at your own risk and peril. When we receive your personal data, we apply procedures and strict security measures to try to prevent any unauthorised access.

Update or deletion of your data   

You can at any time review, correct, update or change the information regarding your profile on the Website. To do so, simply log in to your page, go to your account or CV, view the information concerning your account or your CV and, if you wish, edit it with the options provided. You can delete your CV in the same way. If you want to delete the information concerning your Valjob account, you can, subject to the justification of your identity, contact us at any time at contact@valjob.ch. An email will be sent to you confirming the deletion of your data, which will however be backed up to an archive copy, which neither you nor any third party will be able to access on the internet. This copy is stored without limitation in time for the purposes of auditing and archiving.

Changes to the privacy policy

Any modification to the privacy policy will be posted on this page.

3. Legal information

The personal data collected on the Valjob Website is processed by:

Groupe Valjob
Route de Bugnon 28 – 1752 Villars-sur-Glâne
Website development: e-novinfo
Web host: e-novinfo